Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio: Bass, Mid And Treble

Hola, Fellow music enthusiast! If you want to fix your car audio bass, you have come to the right place. Today we will list the best equalizer settings that can give you seamless and rich sound in your car. All you need to do is tweak a few setting options.


Before we start with the settings, let’s look at what equalizers do!

What does an equalizer do?

In simple words, equalizers increase or decrease the amplitude of vibrations in a specific frequency range. As you know, our ears can hear frequencies from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Equalization helps you know which frequency you feel is the best for your ears, and you can enjoy the music in the best possible way.

Now, there are different settings for different music genres. You can manipulate your equalizers with bass, mid and treble. Bass, mid, and treble are three bands of sound with different frequencies.

Car Equalizer

The bass frequency range is from 16 Hz to 256 Hz, a low-frequency sound. Treble frequency range is the highest that the human ear can hear. Mid-frequency range lies between the two other bands is 400 Hz to 2500 Hz.

Best Equalizer settings for car audio bass-mid-treble

In a car, you usually have a dual-band equalizer that helps you boost and cut low and high frequencies, which are treble and bass. Let’s look at the settings that work the best for different music genres:

Equalizer Settings For Bass Mid Treble

Classical Music

Classical fanatics can hear the music at the best equalization of Bass= +1/0, Mid= +1/2, Treble= +1/2 for 3 slider panel. As classical music is a wide collection of instruments and vocals, these settings will balance out all the sounds, and you can also clearly listen to the melody, rhythm, and high and low pitches of the music. The levels of all the three bands are almost similar.

Jazz Music

Jazz enthusiasts must adopt the equalization setting of Bass= +1/2, Mid= -1/0, Treble= +1/2 for three slider panels as it highlights both ends of the frequencies. Jazz uses up too many instruments like trumpets and drums. You must focus on the bass and treble to feel all the sounds together.

Pop Music

Pop music lovers can set their equalizer settings on Bass= -1/0, Mid= +1/2, Treble= -1/0 for 3 slider panel. Pop music focuses on vocals and includes K-pop, J-pop, and dance-pop as subcategories. These settings boost the singer’s voice, and you can even sing along with your favorite song aloud!

Rock Music

Rock Music lovers can set their equalizer settings on Bass= +1/2, Mid= 0, Treble= +1/2 for a 3-slider panel. As rock music also focuses on instruments, you can listen to all the beats of the instruments clearly in these settings. You can shake your head & 

hands in the groove with these crystal clear beats. Adjust and focus on only Bass and Treble when listening to rock music.

How to set Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio (Bass-Treble-Mid)

Step 1: Get parking before you start tweaking your equalizer settings

Make sure you park your car because this needs all your attention. If you do it while driving, you might crash and lose much more than a car audio stereo.

Step 2: Switch on your Car Stereo

After you have parked your car, switch on your stereo and play your favorite song so that you are not irritated by listening to it repeatedly while setting up your equalizer settings. Try to pick a song with high notes, including cymbals, flutes, piano, guitar sounds, and vocals. The song must have some low notes like drums and bass to get the best sound.

Step 3: Adjust the fade

After picking the song, you have to tune the fade control. It means that the sound must only come from the front speakers. This way, you can ensure you listen to the sounds clearly and comfortably while adjusting the settings. After comparing the existing and the new settings, if you feel the balance is the same for all speakers, you are good to go.

If not, then you have to keep adjusting until the one setting works for you the best. Usually, you will find the sound quality that balances both front and back speakers quickly.

Come back to only the front speakers’ sound and adjust the output. Your output track must feel like it is largely playing from the front speakers. You can achieve this by adjusting the treble settings of the back speakers. Ensure the back speakers don’t have more treble than the front speakers.

Step 4: Balance The notes

Now comes the main part. Listen to the song and notice what you don’t like. Apply the bass-mid and treble settings as mentioned above to find the best sound for you. If that doesn’t work, you can keep tweaking it. Different people like different bass, mid and treble; you must find your best combination.

Once you adjust and get the right sound for the right music, you will learn to do it for others too. It is usually the bass that keeps changing. When you are equalizing, keep the bass at a moderate level and then change the treble and mid.

How do you know the sound is perfect? The high notes must be clear, but they must not hurt your ears. The mid-range notes are smooth, and the bass is full, not just a loud boom.


So, there are different ways to get your ideal equalizer settings & it depends on the type of music you listen to and what frequency suits your ears. To know that, you must understand the three bands we discussed above. Now you exactly know to get the best feel out of the music you love. Enjoy your favorite band’s music in the best equalizer settings so you can enjoy your long road trip!




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