Hi, a warm welcome from Joe and Michelle, the sole owners of this site.

If you are new to this page and want to know about BoomSonics, here’s a short description of this website.

Before that, a small bio about the two of us. Myself Joe and my friend Michelle have been working in music production for a few years.

This is such a field where you dive into music production while also getting to play and test a lot of sound-related equipment. As for now, our journey has been awesome.

But how did BoomSonics come into our mind? This is how it happened.

So, in the initial stages of our music adventure, we used to struggle to pick the right sound gadgets. Whether buying the right tower speakers or in-ear monitors, everything seemed difficult as we didn’t have enough resources to help us.

We also had experiences of spending loads of money buying the wrong speakers for our studio. All this happened a few years back when we had just started our venture.

Now it’s been almost 6 years, and now that we’ve gained thorough knowledge about the in and out of speakers, we thought why not start our blog dedicated to Speakers. And this is how BoomSonics has landed at your home now. 🙂

You will find various informative posts on speakers on this website (Tower speakers, bookshelf speakers, car speakers, powered, non-powered, everything). Apart from that, we will also help you choose the right one that suits your purpose.

To sum up, the whole world of speakers is right before you. Just explore our website, and you will return to our page for more speaker-related content. Have a great day!