8 Best Car Tweeters For Car Audio

What do you picture when you think of a car audio system? Woofers? Amplifiers? If yes, you are not alone; many people focus on only these aspects of a sound system. However, many other minor components will work as an upgrade for your already set sound system.

One such tiny component is the tweeter; even though they are small, they are the ones bringing life to your music. The tweeter’s high-frequency reproduction lets us hear the vocals and high pitch instruments. There are many car tweeters available, in different shapes and sizes, so it becomes hard to choose one.

Best Car Tweeters

However, don’t worry! We have this complete guide on the car tweeters, which includes the top 8 best car tweeters and some important information. Hence, read this guide and find your car’s best pair of tweeters.

Top 3 Best Tweeter Speakers For Your Car

1. JBL CLUB750T Club Series – Best Dome Tweeter For Bass

 JBL CLUB750T Club Series Balanced Dome Tweeter


  • Brand: JBL
  • Speaker type: coaxial dome tweeter
  • Speaker dimensions: 10 x 4 x 6 inches
  • Wattage: 270 watt
  • Weight: 13 ounces
  • Frequency response: 2.2K-20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 92dB

The first one on our list is a pair of car tweeters by JBL. these Club 750T tweeters will be a total upgrade for your existing car music system. Even with a lot to offer, they are priced cheaply, and anyone with a tight budget can easily buy them. 

Firstly, talking about their features, these tweeters have a PEI dome, so the sound is well-balanced. Moreover, they perform well as compared to other dome tweeters. The frequency response of this tweeter pair is 2.2k-20kHz, so you can play any sound under the audible range, and these tweeters can reproduce them effortlessly, especially the high ones. 

The power rating of these pairs together is 270 watts, while each tweeter has a 135-watt max rating. Hence, you need to have other audio components in the same range. Further, the impedance of 3 ohms is quite perfect and will easily make these tweeters workable with other components. 

Lastly, these tweeters are highly sensitive and can be used at moderately high levels. We found the build quality of these JBL tweeters a bit weak, so you have to handle them with care. However, they come with grills and mounting accessories, so they will stay strong. To sum up, these pair of balanced dome tweeters will work like magic and let you enjoy music without interruption.


  • Easy to install
  • Come with grill
  • Affordable price range
  • Built-in microphone
  • Lightweight build

2. Skar Audio VX35-ST – Best Titanium Bullet Tweeters

Skar Audio VX35-ST Titanium Bullet Tweeters


  • Brand: Skar Audio
  • Speaker type: coaxial dome tweeter
  • Speaker dimensions:7.75 x 4.25 x 3 inches
  • Wattage: 500 watt
  • Weight: 2.66 pounds
  • Frequency response: 2.2K-20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB

Skar Audio has been our favorite when it comes to a speaker. This brand provides it all, be it build quality, great sound, literally everything. That’s why these titanium bullet tweeters by Skar audio are second on our list.

First of all, these tweeters are very loud as compared to other dome tweeters. Hence, if you are someone who loves blasting music while driving, these bullet tweeters are made for you. The sound quality of these tweeters is something you will fall for; even with a high volume, they don’t distort the sound.

Thanks to the power wattage of 500 watts which makes them really loud. Besides that, these tweeters are not as smooth as compared to other dome tweeters and might crack if used for a long time.

Talking about its build, it’s quite intriguing with all that metal finish. Also, they are made of titanium, so they are lightweight yet sturdy. However, if you still doubt their strength, you can add a layer of grill over them on your own. Also, they require a small space for installation.

Many users, including us, have pointed out that these tweeters require a specific hole to fit in, so check these tweeters’ dimensions and your car holes before buying. Besides that, these titanium tweeters are perfect at this price range, and you can consider buying them.


  • Crispy clear sound
  • Inline noise capacitor 
  • Requires small space 
  • Blend perfectly with the system 
  • Minimum distortion

3. Skar Audio – Best Neodymium Silk Tweeters

Skar Audio TWS-01 Silk Dome Tweeters


  • Brand: Skar Audio
  • Speaker type: coaxial dome tweeters
  • Speaker dimensions:9.25 x 6 x 1.75 inches
  • Wattage:240 Watts (pair)
  • Weight:12.6 ounces
  • Frequency response:2.0 KHz – 20 KHz
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB

Once again, here we are with Skar audio tweeters. However, this time, they are for someone who loves to enjoy music at moderate volumes and wants a smooth sound quality. These neodymium silk dome tweeters can precisely reproduce high-frequency sounds with no distortions or cracking.

Thanks to the silk fabric dome, which reproduces sound smoothly. However, you can only play them at moderate volume, as they will distort sound at high volumes.

To protect these tweeters, their max power rating is 240 watts, which is low. Besides that, they have a good frequency response of 2KHz to 20KHz, so no sound will be left out. The best part of this tweeter pair is its high-grade crossover network, ensuring they only receive high frequencies. And thus, making the tweeter live longer.

You can quickly install them anywhere in your car as it has a 3-way mounting design. This pack of tweeters comes with mounting hardware, so you need not search for them externally. Also, as they are small, you need not make a deep hole in your car.

However, handle them carefully as the build is not sturdy and may break with moderate force. Besides that, they are amazing for moderate volume levels and soothing music.


  • Smooth sound 
  • Great power handling capacity 
  • Easy to install 
  • 3-way mounting 
  • Includes mounting hardware

4. Rockford Fosgate R1T-S Prime – Best 1″ Car Tweeter

Rockford Fosgate R1T-S Prime 1" Tweeter Kit


  • Brand: Rockford Fosgate
  • Speaker type: coaxial dome tweeters
  • Speaker dimensions:8 x 7 x 2 inches
  • Wattage:80 Watts
  • Weight:‎9.6 ounces
  • Frequency response:2.5kHz – 22kHz
  • Sensitivity: 72.5dB

No one can beat Rockford Fosgate in the speaker game. We have added this pair of R1T-S tweeters to the list. Thanks to its natural sound production, these mylar dome tweeters will let you hear every detail at a high frequency.

Their power handling capacity is 80 watts(pair) which is quite low compared to others on the list. However, these tweeters outshine them when it comes to sound quality. These car tweeters can easily reproduce mid-range and high-range frequencies. Also, they are perfect for listening to music at moderate volume.

They have a great build with metal grills, so you don’t have to get them externally. However, they are too small, so some people might have a problem with them, but they should probably check the dimensions first.

The installation of these car tweeters is easy, as you will get the mounting hardware and the kit. Also, even though it is marketed as a ceiling tweeter, you can mount it in 3 ways, so no worries. Hence, we highly recommend buying these Rockford Fosgate car tweeters for a nice musical drive.


  • Includes metal grilles
  • Less distortion
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • 1-year warranty
  • Built-in crossovers

5. BOSS Audio Systems TW12 – Best Rated Car Tweeters

BOSS Audio Systems TW12 Car Tweeters


  • Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
  • Speaker type: coaxial dome tweeters
  • Speaker dimensions:2.5 x 7.5 x 0.6 inches
  • Wattage: 200 watt
  • Weight:‎2.08 ounces
  • Frequency response:5 kHz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB

If you are searching for a cheaper tweeter upgrade to your existing car sound system, you can’t find anything better than the Boss TW12 car tweeters. With a power handling capacity of 200 watts max, these tiny speakers would play heart-thumping music in your car. Moreover, the balanced sensitivity of 94dB makes sure the sound quality is good even at a high volume.

These poly dome tweeters can reproduce sounds ranging from 5KHz to 20 kHz, so they can easily reproduce high and mid-range sounds. Even though they are cheaper, they come with fantastic build quality.

Unlike many other mid-priced tweeters on the list, these have a protective mesh over the polyamide dome. Moreover, even if something goes wrong, these tweeters have a 3-year warranty. Hence, don’t worry much and try them.


  • 3 years warranty 
  • Balanced sound 
  • Affordable
  • 3 mounting styles 
  • Has protective mesh

6. Pioneer TS-B350PRO – Best Bullet Car Tweeter

Pioneer TS-B350PRO PRO Series Bullet Car Tweeter


  • Brand: PIONEER
  • Speaker type: bullet horn tweeter
  • Speaker dimensions:7.7 x 2.6 x 3.9 inches
  • Wattage: 250 watt
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Frequency response:3.5kHz- 27kHz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB

Suppose you enjoy loud music while on a drive; those dome tweeters are of no use to you. Go for the horn tweeters instead. By saying so, here is the TS-B350 by Pioneer for people who love rock music. These bullet horn tweeters have exceptionally good sound and can make your heart beat faster. We mean it; it’s too loud. Hence, people who don’t usually listen to loud music avoid this.

Besides that, the sound is crisp, and you can listen to small details in your music. Thanks to the high sensitivity of 100dB, you can listen to every minute of sound on the track. However, it can be painful sometimes. The frequency response is highly inclined towards the highs, so don’t expect them to reproduce the mid-range sounds.


  • Good build quality
  • Crisp and loud sound
  • Cheap price range
  • Crystal clear highs
  • Large magnetic circuit

7. Kicker 46CST204 CS Titanium Tweeter

Kicker 46CST204 CS Titanium Tweeter


  • Brand: KICKER
  • Speaker type: coaxial dome tweeter
  • Speaker dimensions:8.39 x 7.91 x 3.07 inches
  • Wattage: 100 watts
  • Weight:15.2 ounces
  • Frequency response: 4.5kHz – 21kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92dB

Having a minimalistic look, these Kicker 46CST240 tweeters will surely make any car’s interior look classy. The matte black mesh with a silver ring makes it stand out. Besides the good looks, these tweeters sound well too. The dome is made of titanium, so it can withstand high volumes easily. Moreover, they weigh little, so sound production is a cakewalk for these tweeters.

We can mount this titanium dome tweeter in three ways: flush, surface, and angle. However, the only problem with these tweeters is you need to assemble them before installing them. Hence, if you already know, you are free to get these. Otherwise, there are many other easy-to-install options.


  • 3 mounting options
  • Titanium dome
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Sounds nice and crisp

8. Alpine S-S10TW, S Series 1″ Component Dome Tweeter

Alpine S-S10TW S Series 1" Component Dome Tweeter


  • Brand: Alpine
  • Speaker type: component dome tweeter
  • Speaker dimensions:15 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Wattage: 240 watts
  • Weight:1.06 pounds
  • Frequency response: 3.5kHz- 27kHz
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB

Here comes the last best car tweeter on our list, which is by Alpine. This one is a component dome tweeter that truly gives out only the high frequencies and doesn’t mix other frequencies. Thus, these tweeters have a longer lifespan as compared to coaxial ones.

Besides that, the sound quality is truly unique; you can feel the music through your drive. That’s because of the high power handling capacity of 240 watts. Also, the balanced sensitivity helps a lot while reproducing balanced sound. Also, installing them won’t be a problem for beginners as these car tweeters come with mounting hardware.


  • Decent amplification
  • 3 years warranty
  • Good quality build
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Can be modified

How to Choose the Perfect Car Tweeter For Your Car Audio System?

Type and Shape 

The type and shape of a tweeter are like synonyms for each other. So, in general, there are 3 types of car tweeters, each having a different shape. 

Cone tweeter- The cone tweeters are the easiest to find and work well. Also, they are the cheapest kind of tweeter you can go for without compromising on the quality. The cones are usually made of paper and are stiff. Therefore, there is a low distortion as compared to other tweeters. Moreover, cone tweeters can widely disperse sound. 

Semi dome tweeter- as the name suggests, this tweeter is a semi-dome which means a dome is fitted inside a cone for better sound effects. The dome can be of silk or material, like aluminum or titanium. If you have small spaces in your car, the semi-dome tweeters will be the best for you. However, the sound dispersion is not as wide as the cone tweeters. 

Dome tweeter- The dome tweeters provide a better dispersion angle than the semi-dome tweeter. You can choose the dome material from silk, aluminum, or titanium. If you love smooth and balanced audio, go for silk domes. However, silk domes distort a lot while on high volume. On the other hand, metal domes stay stiff and don’t distort the sounds even at high volumes, but the sound might not be smooth like silk.

Power Handling and Impedance

Power handling

The power handling capacity of a tweeter is the most important factor to look for while buying them. That’s because your tweeter’s power rating should match the power rating of your other car audio components. The RMS rating of the tweeter is the power it can handle for a long time. Also, the peak power rating is the capacity of your tweeter for a short period. Hence, make sure you know the power rating of your other speakers before choosing tweeters. 


The impedance of a tweeter opposes the current from flowing through it and protects it from damage. However, the tweeters won’t work properly if the impedance is too high because of an inadequate power supply. Similarly, if the impedance is low, more current will flow through tweeters, leaving them damaged. An impedance of 4 ohms is said to be the most preferred as many speakers are in the same range, and it’s balanced too.


1. Who makes the Best Car Audio Tweeters?

The answer varies from person to person. However, brands like Pyle, Rockford Fosgate, and JBL make the best car audio tweeters.

2. Are All Car Tweeters The Same Size?

No, all tweeters are not of the same size. Depending on the tweeter’s size, many other factors vary, such as the axis, dispersion angle, and many more.

3. Do Tweeters Make A Difference?

Yes, they do. If you are a music enthusiast, you might have understood how tweeters cover the high-frequency sounds in the music, which get left out by the woofer and subwoofer.


Car tweeters may not seem important to someone who is not into music. However, audiophiles can easily know the difference between good and bad sounds. Hence, if you are the second one and don’t want to ruin your drive, make sure you install the best car tweeters in it. Having said that, we hope that you have made a choice between these top 8 best car tweeters and will surely buy one of them now. Moreover, if you are still confused, read the guide on how to choose the best car tweeter given above.


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