What Type Of Car Speakers In My Car

Traveling on a pleasant day, enjoying the wind in your hair, but wait, isn’t something missing? The melodic tones lighten up your mood and set the ambiance right. But is the playlist enough to complete your road trip? What creates the vibe is the right choice of speakers. However, before selecting the right speakers, you should equip yourself with some basic information like the available types of car speaker.

Types of Car Speakers

To be informed about the speakers, you must know the most significant aspect: the speaker’s size and the types of car speaker. Are you wondering ‘what size speakers should be there in my car?’. Then you must read this easy-to-read and understandable article.

Types of Car Speakers

The back and forth movement of speakers’ parts will produce sound, in this movement the electrical energy into sound. There is no fixed number of car speakers one can install in their vehicle. The speakers can be installed at the front and rear parts of the vehicle. There are two kinds of car speakers you can look for,

Component speakers

Component speakers consist of a woofer, tweeter, midrange/super-tweeter. Component speaker helps in customizing your car sound and all three components delivers high quality and balance sound.

Benefits of components speakers

  • Supreme sound quality.
  • Customization.
Component speakers

Coaxial speakers

Coaxial speakers are also know as 2 or 3-way speaker; coaxial speakers are design with in-built tweeter, mid-range and full-range driver to deliver better sound frequency than traditional single cone speakers.

Benefits of Coaxial speakers

  • Less expensive.
  • Moderate sound quality.
  • Direct fit.
  • Don’t need crossovers.
Coaxial speakers

Standard or Single cone Speakers

Single cone speaker are also know as standard speakers, it doesn’t have any special sound feature. Single cone speaker doesn’t have frequency response like 2 way or component speaker, it delivers very low frequency response.

Benefits of single cone speakers

  • Cheapest speakers.
  • Easy to install
Single cone Speakers


Subwoofers are mainly designed to perform low-range frequencies(bass) in your music to make it feel realistic. It plays a vital role in car stereo systems. A pair of high-end Subwoofers and a quality amp will bring you theatrical bass effect and elevate your car stereo system to another level.

Car Woofer and Subwoofer speaker


Car Tweeters are mini versions of the speaker. It produces sharp frequencies called “trebles,” which will enrich the music and speech. The tweeter creates crisp high-frequency sound, and the subwoofer creates the low frequency. Installing tweeters results in more detailed music.

Electrostatic, piezo, ribbon, dome, and cone are some of the types of tweeters. Installing tweeters will improve the car audio system without using an amp.

Choose the best car tweeters for you car audio system.

Car Tweeters

Designing, Interior and Measurement

The distance between one point to another point of the speaker is known as diameter. The diameter generally ranges from 5-1/4 4-hole full-range, 5-1/4 4-hole, 6-1/2 3-hole and 6-3/4 multi-hole. Usually, speakers ranging 6.5″ in diameter are recommended as they are the most frequently purchased and are easily customizable. Mounting depth. Mounting height, mounting screw width, and installation space are important factors to consider before purchasing speakers for your car.

Different sizes of car speakers

Different sizes of car speakers

Now comes the most awaited aspect of the article, to the answer to the question – “what size speakers in my car?’ You should have sufficient information regarding the various sizes, types of car speakers. Ranging from 3/4 tweeters, 4×6″ to 6×9”- oval speakers, 4″ to 6.5″ – circle speaker and up to 15″ car subwoofers we provide a list of speakers that can be suitable for your car.

Car Speaker Size Chart

CAR TWEETERS0.75″ or 3/4″ car tweeter(commonly used)
1″, 1.75″ car tweeter(commonly used)
3.5″, 3.75″, 3.8″ car tweeter(commonly used)
4″ car tweeter
CAR SPEAKERS (OVAL)4×6″, 4×10″ car speaker (commonly used)
5×7″ car speaker
6×8″, 6×9″ car speaker(commonly used)
CAR SPEAKERS (CIRCLE)3.5″ car speaker
4″ car speaker
5.25″ car speaker(commonly used)
6.25″, 6.5″, 6.75″ car speaker(commonly used)
CAR SUBWOOFER6.5″ car subwoofer
8″ car subwoofer
10″ car subwoofer(commonly used)
12″ car subwoofer(commonly used)
15″ car subwoofer
18″ car subwoofer

How to measure the size of the speakers?

How to measure the size of the speakers

To measure the size of the speakers you can follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Look out for panels and remove them carefully
  • Gently use the tools to remove the speakers
  • By using the tape rule method measure the mounting depth, speaker height, speaker width and width of the screws
  • Make sure that you note down all the measurements carefully

Some other ways to measure the size of the car speakers could be seeking the help of professionals or manufacturers, going through the car manual, or surfing through the internet.


Keeping certain factors in mind can surely help you select the best speakers for your car. You can look at various other features such as woofer quality, the weight of the speakers, how capable is the speaker when it comes to handling power and the level of sound produced. However, the crucial aspect is to have sufficient knowledge about the product and gain other relevant information related to it. We hope that the above article will help you imbibe the needed knowledge and guide you to make your decision wisely.


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