Best Amplifier Setting For Super Bass

Just having a hotshot stereo and best bass amplifier in your car won’t work until you set it according to your music tastes. Yes, you heard that right!

To feel the music in your car, you must work on its settings.

Amplifier Setting For Super Bass

The very first thing you can start tweaking is the subwoofers. Subwoofers are loudspeakers designed to produce low-pitched frequencies. Adjusting the amplitude of your car stereo and getting the right bass might take some time, but it is so soothing and relaxing once you get the right setting.

Today we will go in-depth to understand which amp setting can get you the best audio!

1. Remove the distortion

Keeping the amplitude gain low, play some music and turn up the volume. You will hear music distortion. Turn down the volume when the music is perfect. This setting is the maximum volume your receiver can go to and play cleanly.

Turn the amp gain up until you hear the distortion again & then slowly turn it down until the distortion withers away. Now, with the amp gain set, you can lower receiver volume to a comfortable level.

2. Flatten the bass signal

Turn your sub amp’s gain to its lowest levels in a counter-clockwise position. Switch on the amp gain’s low pass filter and set it at its maximum. If your stereo has a bass boost, you must turn it off & if it is remote-controlled, then you can set it to the middle position.

After this, adjust your bass tone control to middle, zero, or ‘flat’ settings, whichever you see on your stereo. If you can see a subwoofer level, set it to the middle or ‘no gain’ setting. Sometimes you might see a bass boost or a low-pass filter in the output, so make sure it’s turned off.

3. Manipulate subwoofer gain and low-pass filter

You can play the music at about a quarter volume and try to turn up the subwoofer amp gain until the sound overpowers other speakers without distortion. When you start listening to the music, adjust the sub amp’s low pass filter downwards until all high and mid-frequency notes vanish.

The filter eliminates the notes you don’t want to play. You can filter out the sounds like cymbals, strings, vocals, guitars, etc.

Gain, Bass boost and subsonic filter

4. Bass boost and subsonic filter

If your stereo has a bass boost, you must handle it carefully. If you turn it on, you can hear drum-like bass sounds. Applying it just a little can kick the bass very high. If it is too high, the music might distort. To fix it, you can lower the sub amp’s gain until it’s gone.

The only thing that matters is what your ears love. When you are satisfied with the bass and tone of your speakers, you know you got the right amp settings. After you get the right setting, you must turn down the subwoofer volume as much as possible.

The Last Step

After you set the bass boost and the sub amp, tune up your volume to 80% to check again if there is any distortion or not. If the music is still distorted, you know what to do. Try not to go beyond 80%, as different music genres have different tuning.

Even after applying all these settings, if you are not getting the right sound, then you must seek professional help. Sometimes car stereo can be damaged, connected improperly, or is not of good quality.

To make it work efficiently, a few simple things can fix your car stereo by replacing power, ground, or a speaker wire with higher quality cable. It is also highly possible that you have switched the polarity of your speakers, which can give a weird sound output. A polarity checker will fix this issue instantly.

If you are a hardcore music lover and listen to various music genres, you can readjust your gain controls using different music types to get the most amazing sound.

Apart from the subwoofer’s amplitude, you can also readjust the bass-mid-treble of the car stereo, which is different for different music genres. Many car stereos have presets for different music genres like Jazz, Rock, Pop, Country, Classic, and a Custom option where you can tweak the settings automatically.

Manipulating Car Stereo Crossovers

Crossovers can renovate your car stereos to a whole different level. They are great as they enhance the bass and remove car speakers’ distortion.

Crossover circuits can make any bad speaker turn into a great speaker, whether a car, a truck or a boat. Except for a car, the other vehicles often leak air, and it’s impossible to get good sound. Using crossovers, you can block the unnecessary noise that distorts the music coming from the speakers.

To get clear sound, you can manipulate your car stereo’s crossover the following way:

Turn off all your EQ functions and bass boost and set the crossover switch to the high pass position. With the help of a small screwdriver, set the frequencies to the lowest levels. Turn the frequency to the 60-70 Hz range. Do the same for the low-pass position and turn the frequency to the 70-80 Hz range.


After following all these steps, you can try out the music you like, which will vary for different music genres. Sometimes your amplitude might also differ when driving in the park and when your car is parked. Go for a long drive after you set these settings to get the hang of what is working for you and what is not. 

If you still can’t get it right, you always have a garage to go to, but these steps will help you get rich sound output. The presets in a car stereo are also very effective as the settings work with the music genres, so if you are not a picky music enthusiast, you might not have to dwell on the details.






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